Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Target Audience Profile

Who are the target audience for short films?

Target audiences for short films include people already in the industry who are looking for new ideas or new people to work with, film critics and students studying film/media studies. They are reached by different forms of media however the main is usually the internet where short films are uploaded and assed around via hyperlinks, emails or social networking sites.

Who are the target audience for the samples you looked up?

The target audiences for the samples I looked at were primarily other practitioners of Parkour and movement enthusiasts. This was because I looked at short films related to my own film so I wanted them to have a similar target audience as mine. All of them were only accessible on the Internet. Some were amateur productions focusing on relations between communities of people whereas one was a commercial made using CGI to emphases human limits.

Who are the target audience for your short film?

The target audience for my short film will be teachers, students and examiners who will be looking at my film to grade and assess it, however if I was doing this for an industry my target audience would be mainly traceurs and movement enthusiasts who can relate to the film, but it is also aimed at a wider audience as the values in the film affect as all. Two step flow will be very important as people who don't practice or know anything about parkour will simply take the film at face value and mediate the information and relate to there own opinion. This will be important as in conjunction a traceur will watch the film and know what it is about how it is the flow of movement, an art form and martial art.

How will you measure the success of your product appeal to the target audience?

By uploading it onto sites such as Youtube, Blogspot and Facebook and asking people to answer a few questions about the short film I can have a better understanding of the reaction from my audience.

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