Monday, 14 September 2009


I have chosen the 5 minute short film, i am titling it "Limitations" it will involve a traceur (practitioner of Parkour) and his limits and trying to overcome them.

It is will be set and filmed outside with shoots of the traceur practising, until he tries a jump and stops himself, thus the flow of the film is interrupted. Then there will be shots of him training his body to improve himself, trying to represent the struggles we go through in life to achieve our goals. As he grows more confident in himself he attempts the jump once more and finds he can and has accomplished his goal. The flow of the film continues with different shots of the same jump possibly a head cam, underneath or a birds eye view.

Representation - Produced by myself, it shows the different struggles in life and how, if you work at them, you can then overcome these problems. It also shows how you can "escape" from life by doing something, for me this is Parkour, it allows me to forget my problems whether that is school work, family or anything else that is worrying me. It also represents how even if you fail at first never to give up trying to do it because one day you will get to your dream or you will achieve what you've aimed for. Alternatives to what I am representing could have been someone finding it disrespectful jumping over objects and running off. however I chose not to represent it that way I love the sport and would not want it represented in a bad light.

Institution - Parkour Generations or 3Run media as they also produce similar short films, adverts and training courses.

Values - The main technique will be slow motion to best show the moves being performed. the slow motion will start as soon as the move starts and stops when it is completed, also i hope to use a shot of the sky where i fast forward the clip to show the passing of the day this will help me show the progression of the character and the passage through time.
the second main techniques will be the effective use of my camera positioning and angles especially the character is training, i hope to show the sweat and the struggle he goes through to improve himself.

Audience - My film will be mainly aimed at traceurs who can relate to the film, but it is also aimed at a wider audience as the values in the film affect as all. Two step flow will be very important as people who don't practice or know anything about parkour will simply take the film at face value and mediate the information and relate to there own opinion. This will be important as in conjunction a traceur will watch the film and know what it is about how it is the flow of movement, an art form and martial art.

Language - the different techniques employed using time will help bring across his passage through time and his growing up. this is to show how as we grow up through life we face different struggles. The passage of time being elapsed in the film will help show that.

Ideology - The ideology of my film will be not giving up, even if the rest of your life is bad, there is always at least one thing or person that will help you through the tough times. whether that is in the case of the film a jump, which is a representation of the hurdles you face in life, or maybe a test at school or work. this is why my film relates to all because we all face troubles in life.

Narrative - Like any film it will have a beginning-middle-end but not always in that order. My film will start of introducing the character via him training and showing his moves, it will then have a disruption of him not being able to complete a certain move where it will then be slingshots back to the beginning where he will train and improve until once again he is at that point where he is able to complete the move and move toward the end of the film, hence the equilibrium of the film is established.

My genre will be an action. :)