Thursday, 2 July 2009

Short film - modified for the special effect

Comment on the best bits: Very dynamic, and quite exciting, really an excellent piece. The edit was really sharp, and shows how action shots can be made to roll on and be exciting. Well done. Excellent special effect, worth another 3 marks at least, so I've added that on.

Things you can improve: You didn't follow the requirements for particular shots, so lost marks all over the place . . . Georgina did the filming! You have to do the filming. However, you can have the mark because the idea worked really well, apart from not following the brief.

Marks are out of 3 for this:
0 means you haven't done it.
1 is lowest - it means that there is a lot that needs to be done, but that you have the material to sort it out and make it work.
2 means that you've done the job competently and it is OK.
3 means that you've done some parts of it really very well, and should work to exploit this.

Medium Shot MS 3
Long Shot LS 3
Close Up CU 1
XLS - extreme long shot 2
XCU - extreme close up 1
Pan 3
Tilt 3
Zoom 2
Cross focus 1
Deep focus 0
Tracking shot (dolly, hand held, shoulder shot) 2
Point of View - POV 1
Use of tripod 3

Shot - reverse shot 3
Establishing shot 2
Cut 3
Dissolve 0

Total out of 54 + special effects bonus 3 =36 = 67% = C
You didn't film it, Georgina did, so she should get the marks, shouldn't she?

Your evaluation needs more depth to it, but you've pointed out what you can do to improve this, if there was the opportunity.

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