Thursday, 2 July 2009

Package Evaluation

I based my short film on a parkour sequence involving a runner stealing a package, then being chased until he finally makes his escape.

The filming went well however if i could do it again i would spend more time on the cuts etc because from 18 secs - 21 secs the cuts work really well and flow more, i could have incorporated these sort of cuts into my other stunts like 23 secs - 27 secs.
Also my song choice if maybe i picked the song beforehand then filmed the clips to sync with the clips to create a link with the audio and visual.

Overall i think the film looks good and some of the edits and sequences are really good. i could of put in more camera movements and mixed about with the angles etc as it looks a little bit samey with each clips and appears to drag along with no visible end, this could have easily been remedied had i done different shots etc.


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